Jesus CNC Pattern

This CNC pattern of Jesus is available in .stl, .ptn, .tiff (grayscale) file type formats. Please remember to choose your file type when adding to your cart. Happy Carving

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This CNC Pattern of Jesus is a dimensional 3D clipart model that can adjusted to the user’s liking. This CNC pattern/model can be used with all CNC machines that can cut / carve in 3D with software such as Artcam, Asipre, Bobcad, Rhinocam, Carvewright Designer, etc.

We create our CNC patterns for CNC machines like shopbot, CNC Shark and home builds in the .stl file format. We also create our CNC Patterns for the Carvewright / Compucarve machines in the .ptn file format or the .mpc file format where needed. Also available, for laser engraving, machines are high quality grayscale images or height maps in the .tiff format.

This CNC Pattern can be used for sign making, plaques, furniture or whatever your creativity dreams up.


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